Black Light
Laser engraving on metal
Variable dimensions

The Black Light series names an apparent paradox: can there be a black light? The portraits that conform the series are inversion exercises between figure and background, light and darkness: the human figures in the foreground appear as cuts of light, windows opened towards a primordial background made of shadows, while their original context is revealed just as an illusory frame. Traditionally, light is presence (and life) and darkness is absence (and death), but through the exercise of inversion this duality is reinterpreted in a critical way: it is perhaps the quest for achieving a form of “absolute presence” in which, the tangible and the intangible, life and death, the presence of the real and the memory of the absent are unified on an absolute surface, without reverse. With quite austere resources, the series manages to highlight the potential of re-signification of the documentary image through successive operations of editing, inversion, posterization and transfer to a material medium that evokes engraving plates, but with contemporary digital techniques.