Born in Santiago, Chile, 1978.

2016 - 2017 MA Surface Design, Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee. Berlin, Germany.
2008 - 2009 MA Visual Art, University of Chile. Santiago, Chile.
2003 - 2004 Graphic Studies, Istituto Quasar. Roma, Italia.
1996 – 2000 BA Visual Art, University Finis Terrae. Santiago, Chile.

2013 GlogauAIR- Residence program for artists. Berlin, Germany.


2017 Deathline, Patricia Ready Gallery. Santiago, Chile.
2013 Ars Mutandi, Zwitschermaschine Gallery. Berlín, Germany.
2011 Analgesia, Patricia Ready Gallery. Santiago, Chile.
2010 Pliegues, Museum of Contemporary Art, MAC. Valdivia, Chile.
2010 Ibidem, Aquí mismo, Sala Cero, Animal gallery. Santiago, Chile.
2008 La Nave de los Locos, BECH gallery. Santiago, Chile.
2006 Pulsión, Goethe Institute. Santiago, Chile.
2003 Una vez fue…, Instituto Alemán y Deutsches Lehrerbildungsinstitut Wilhelm von Humboldt. Santiago, Chile.


2017 Raue Strömung, Eigenheim gallery. Berlín, Germany.
2016 After the Change, Kunst Mitte gallery. Berlín, Germany.
2014 Identities / Interferences / Connections. Embassy of Chile. Berlín, Germany.
2014 International Art Fair, Art Lima. Lima, Perú.
2013 SLICK Art Fair. Paris, France.
2013 CUTLOG Art Fair. Paris, France.
2013 Babylon, Wendt+Friedmann Gallery. Berlín, Germany.
2013 International Art Fair, Art Lima. Lima, Perú.
2013 Open Studios Exhibition, GlogauAIR-Artist in Residence. Berlin, Germany.
2012 International Contemporary & Modern Art Fair, Art Miami. Miami, EEUU.
2012 Chilean Contemporary Art Exhibition, CHACO. Santiago, Chile.
2012 Señales, prodigios y milagros, Cultural center Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.
2011 Absolut Illusion Vodka, AMS Marlborough gallery. Santiago, Chile.
2011 Chilean Contemporary Art Exhibition, CHACO. Santiago, Chile.
2010 Artespacio gallery. Santiago, Chile.
2010 13POR13, Universidad de Talca. Santiago, Chile.
2010 Chilean Contemporary Art Exhibition, CHACO. Santiago, Chile.
2010 En torno al collage, AMS Marlborough gallery. Santiago, Chile.
2009 El Graduado, Concreta gallery, Matucana 100. Santiago, Chile.
2009 Chilean Contemporary Art Exhibition, CHACO. Santiago, Chile.
2009 Beijing Biennale, Turn on, Tune In, Drop out. Beijing, China
2009 Collage en Chile (1941-2009), Fine Arts Museum. Santiago, Chile.
2009 Escena Alterada, Sala Cero, Animal gallery. Santiago, Chile.
2009 13/1, Juan Egenau hall, Universidad de Chile. Santiago, Chile.
2008 Dittborn Atelier Exhibition. D21 gallery. Santiago, Chile.
2003 Enseguida Vuelvo, along with Pedro Tyler, Spanish Cultural Center. Santiago, Chile.
2001 Young Art Selection, North American Institute of Culture. Valparaíso, Chile.
1998 Intervention at Perrera Cultural Center. Santiago, Chile.

2009 Selected work for Beijing Biennial of Art.
2008 FONDART Scholarship, Chilean Government, Chile
2001 First Mention in the Graphic Area, Universidad Finis Terrae. Santiago, Chile.

2007 Art Workshop with Eugenio Dittborn. Santiago, Chile.
2002 - 2003 Literary Course, La Belleza de Pensar with Cristián Warnken.
Santiago, Chile.
2000 Workshop Objeto- Grabado, with argentinian artist Matilde Marín. Santiago, Chile.
1999 Workshop Grabado- Instalación, with uruguayan artist Rimer Cardillo. Santiago, Chile.
1998 - 1999 Smelting Seminar, with Roberto Bascuñan. Santiago, Chile.


My visual and conceptual research is based on the construction of mechanisms generating optical illusions in the observer, producing a visual deception in the perception of the image provided. It aims to achieve a questioning look at what we see, to question what is perceived, showing different approaches or viewpoints of a single event, incorporating the observer as a dynamic actor in the act of contemplation, not just as an static spectator.
This strategy has been developed in different formats and media, both in the Fresnel works (folded structures with different images printed on their faces) and currently in the Indexed Series (Artistry Index and Homunculus, among others).
These works are visually related to the realm of Medicine, and the classifications of medical samples or chemical compounds arranged in rows of glass bottles, in shelves. The format is constructed by deploying multiple fragments taken from famous historical paintings (body parts, resized bodies, etc..), printed and inserted in glass bottles filled with water.
The proposal´s objective is to show each fragment as a unit which represents an specific style and it´s own epoch, thus setting a whole sum of specific “points of view”, related together by an “amputation & exhibition” strategy which leaves them in a relationship of equivalence, with independency of their original context.
In formal terms, each fragment configures a particular point of view, which in it´s individuality acquires a sort of “aura”, and the overall sum of them constitutes a panoptic synthesis of the whole.
Thus, the purpose is to build up a certain state of balance between unity and diversity, between whole and fragment, states which vary depending on the observer´s relative position towards the work. As a synthesis, the “point of view” concept, understood as a form of interpretation, and it´s relationship with the optic illusion phenomena, constitutes one of the main subjects of my artistic proposal.